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Don’t Make These 5 Lobstering Mistakes

Lobster Season is the envy of many a southerner, especially us Floridians. It is practically a state holiday and is an event that families have been safely enjoying for decades. However, there always seems to arise stories of accidents ranging from injuries and fatalities to damaging of the environment that give the holiday a bad […]

Summer – Red Rum Fishing | Spearfishing | Tropical Life

Diving, Fishing and living the tropical lifestyle. This video is dedicated to the summers that fly by so quickly! Special Thanks to everyone who made it possible! Please checkout our Aquatic Sports products including UV Protective Shirts, hats and more at Special Thanks to: Costa Morada Fishing Charters in Islamorada, FL Keys (786) […]

Red Rum Spearfishing Shirts NOW at Macs Sports

Red Rum Spearfishing Shirts are NOW available at Macs Sports in Clearwater and Tarpon Springs. Macs Sports is one of the oldest Dive Shops in the area and has been serving Pinellas County for over 20 years! Macs is a full service dive center with two locations, an on-site pool at the Clearwater location and an […]

Red Rum Re-Stocks Austins Diving Center in Miami

Red Rum Re-Stocks Austins Diving Center in Miami, FL Austin’s Diving Center has restocked the Digital Camo Performance Shirts in Light Blue. This shirt serves as a perfect light weight rash guard, that also provides U.V. Protection! They have also added the awesome NEW Ruler Sleeve 2.0 Fishing Shirts in Black and Charcoal. The shirts contain […]

The Right Spearfishing Equipment Ensures Safety

by sucinimad One of the underwater sports that may involve a bit of danger and lots of adventure is spearfishing. This sport is quite popular in regions such as Australia because of the abundance of bodies of water and their marine life. Ecologically, this sport may be considered more conservatory as it involves spearing selected […]

Red Rum Attending St. Pete Open Spearfishing Tournament

Red Rum Attending St. Pete Open Spearfishing Tournament The St. Pete Open Spearfishing Tournament is one of the largest spearfishing tournaments in the nation. Back in 1956, fifty divers entered the very first St Pete Open. The Open has grown every year since- to an annual attendance of  300 competitors! Over 40 years thousands of divers […]

Mastering the Art of Making Passion a Reality: Spearfishing 101

by sucinimad Ever since time immemorial, man has devised and designed thousands of ways to conquer the elements and the odds. This desire to overcome has become a passion of sorts, something that sometimes takes precedence over other important things in their lives. This passion is most evident in the way they take to extreme […]

7 Tips on Buying Quality Abalone Diving Equipment and Spearfishing Gear

by king damus Scuba divers and other ocean enthusiasts strive to buy the best spearfishing and abalone diving equipment on the market. That is an absolute necessity to guarantee their safety under water, whether they are exploring the Great Barrier Reef or the Northern California coast. When you are also eager to learn how to […]

Benefits Of Spearfishing Floats And Spear Gun Rubbers

by sucinimad Spearfishing is considered a sport by most enthusiasts these days. With the appearance of many spearfishing product shops and retailers online, people who love this sport can easily purchase their gear and parts without the need to search offline. Probably two of the most popular items among spear fishers are spearfishing floats and […]