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Surfing and Yoga- Five Good Reasons Why This Combination Works

by [luis] Surfing is one of the most thrilling sports there can be on sea. But unlike most sea sports, it does not require machinery of some sort. All you need in surfing are: a board, surfing gear, rippling waves and a sense of adventure. But just like any other sport, surfing can also drain […]

Different Surfing Styles For Different Kind of People

by allisonhasabox Are you tired of just sitting on the beach and watching people enjoy? Most people love to sit on the beach while some who love adventure venture into the sea and enjoy some water sports. There are many kinds of water sports but the most common water sport is surfing. Surfing is a […]

Surfing in Europe- Your Surfing Dream Come True!

by Ed Yourdon Surfing is a water sport, generally performed in oceans, in which the surfer rides on waves which take him or her towards the shore. Surfing is most commonly done using a surfboard. There are varied forms of like paddle boarding and body boarding, to name a few. One can avail plenty of […]