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Offshore Conquest Review

Are you looking for more information regarding the new Offshore Conquest System and what it can help you achieve? This course is created by the well known and experienced Internet marketing coach Philip Mansour who explains exactly how he is managing to earn a good amount of profits for the past couple of months promoting […]

Florida Offshore Drilling Plan Gathering Momentum

A Senate committee in Washington has approved opening the eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling, including an area that is rich in natural gas only 10 miles off the Florida coastline. However, a 45-mile ‘buffer zone’ would be established around the majority of the state coastline, with the 10-mile area being limited […]

Best techniques of Bait, bream and offshore fishing

Bait fishing rigs with lights, spinners, and the short wires which are mostly used by fishermen as live bait since many years, and in this piece of writing, I will notify you of a number of bait fishing including bait a more natural approach. The type of rigs of bait fishing with lighting and the […]

Offshore Fishing Boats

Buy the Award Winning ‘Esca Lures’ online at http://www.innovativefishingtackle.co.uk/ Offshore fishing If fishing for you means a wide open sea, catching huge fish and using a heavy tackle, then offshore fishing is your activity of choice. However, this form of fishing is not without risks. In fact, it is more dangerous compared to shallow water […]

New to Offshore – need advive on tying/connecting lures to mainline.

ello all, Going to venture a little offshore this summer out of South Florida and try and get some dolphin and whatever other pelagics will go for my spread.. I went out and got 2 trolling setups and some “dolphin” lures. I also plan on using ballyhoo rigs as well. My question is, what is […]