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Unlocking The Planet Of Florida Keys

by Dominic Sherony A group of islands that are located at junction of the two mighty bodies of water namely the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico; Florida Keys do present very idyllic and a varied playground for thousands of paddlers of all the stripes. It is situated at southernmost tip of […]

The Florida Keys – Tropical Paradise Offers Fishing, Diving, Camping and the Best Margaritas Anywhere

by antolod One of the things I like best about living in Florida is that it’s a great place for a vacation, even if you live here. It seems no matter where you live, east coast, west coast, in the Panhandle or Southern Florida just a couple of hours drive in any direction and you […]

Florida Keys, The Best Place To Go For Deep Sea Fishing

by Jean-Francois Gaudet Are you looking for the best place for fishing enthusiast like you? Searching for a perfect location for sport fishing and other fun activities? Various places boast of varieties of adventures and rare finds. Some popular locations take pride their steep mountains that are perfect for trekking. Others have caves for spelunking. […]

Boat Rental & Charter Amenities in Florida Keys and Islamorada

by TropicalSnorkeling.com In ancient history, fishing can be an occupation chiefly towards coastal area people. After we mentions about fishing, first thing comes into our thoughts are the man inside a boat which includes a rod to catch fish. The easiness in this imagination shouldn’t be much when it reaches in reality. Its as it […]

Taste them all in Florida Keys

Florida Keys is known for its laid back attitude similar to the ones in Caribbean islands. Apart from being known for its tourist attractions, Florida Keys is quite famous for eatery outlets, the popular  ones being the Indian and Italian restaurants.   Italian dishes have fast become popular worldwide over and Florida Keys is no […]

Florida Keys- Amazing exotic destination

If you are asked about warm weather and exotic destinations in United States, there is one state that would definitely come to your mind. The state is none other than Florida. It is blessed with an inviting sun, tropical waters and wonderful theme parks. In fact, the best place to visit in Florida is Florida […]

How To Find Good Restaurants Florida Keys, FL

The Florida Keys is one of the most desirable locations for vacations in the United States. With a year around temperate climate and a tropical setting, it offers everything one could want in a Caribbean beach vacation without having to get a passport. One thing that can make a vacation even better than it could […]

Vacation in the Florida Keys and Fall in love with America,Again

Driving out to the Florida Keys from the mainland you will notice that it is nothing like the rest of America ,in fact it is nothing like mainland Florida.Our first drive down I remember saying to my wife “this is America”,WOW ! Being a New Englander we had never seen anything like that ! And you […]

The Beauty And Elegance Of The Florida Keys

There is no way not to be awed when visiting the Florida Keys. The Keys are an unique destination, with their own particular beauty and elegance, they are truly an unique experience for any visitor. It seems as though my body and mind instantly relax as I drive through Key Largo; just knowing I am […]