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The Right Spearfishing Equipment Ensures Safety

by sucinimad One of the underwater sports that may involve a bit of danger and lots of adventure is spearfishing. This sport is quite popular in regions such as Australia because of the abundance of bodies of water and their marine life. Ecologically, this sport may be considered more conservatory as it involves spearing selected […]

7 Tips on Buying Quality Abalone Diving Equipment and Spearfishing Gear

by king damus Scuba divers and other ocean enthusiasts strive to buy the best spearfishing and abalone diving equipment on the market. That is an absolute necessity to guarantee their safety under water, whether they are exploring the Great Barrier Reef or the Northern California coast. When you are also eager to learn how to […]

Spearfishing Safety Gear You Cannot Do Without

by Jared Enos Extreme sports always involve an element of danger to them which is why the first thing anyone involved in these types of sports should consider are safety gear. Not only do they make sure you go through the sport and come out in one piece, they also ensure the safety of other […]

5 Pieces Of Scuba Gear For Spearfishing That Everyone Needs

The underwater life is full of wonder, color and beauty and who wouldn’t want to get underwater and take a close peek at those wonderful creations of nature. Scuba diving makes all this possible and much more. You can virtually remain underwater for hours and see for your own eyes what you had been watching […]