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7 Tips on Buying Quality Abalone Diving Equipment and Spearfishing Gear

by king damus Scuba divers and other ocean enthusiasts strive to buy the best spearfishing and abalone diving equipment on the market. That is an absolute necessity to guarantee their safety under water, whether they are exploring the Great Barrier Reef or the Northern California coast. When you are also eager to learn how to […]

The Florida Keys – Tropical Paradise Offers Fishing, Diving, Camping and the Best Margaritas Anywhere

by antolod One of the things I like best about living in Florida is that it’s a great place for a vacation, even if you live here. It seems no matter where you live, east coast, west coast, in the Panhandle or Southern Florida just a couple of hours drive in any direction and you […]

Basics of Diving Equipment in Florida Keys

There are many who decide to pick up scuba diving as a long term hobby, for which most people generally consider buying their own diving equipment in Florida Keys. When starting with diving, there may be an overwhelming number of equipment that you will be required to purchase which will also prompt you to have […]

Cressi Leonardo Scuba Diving Wrist Computer Review

A lot of people who are new to freediving or to spearfishing are often surprised by the amount of technology that is involved in these sports today. Even the wetsuits that looks simple from the outside are thoroughly researched advanced products that make the experience a whole lot better. It’s no surprise then that, today […]

Diving Excursions in Florida Keys

There are different types of scuba dives as well as different types of divers who make up the different possible types of dive excursions in Florida Keys. People who wish to take up scuba diving have a lot of choices, thanks to the advancement in technology and the various equipment that have been developed for […]

Expand Your Diving Skills With Spearfishing

If you are already an experienced diver then spearfishing is a great way to expand your skills. Spearfishing is an exciting hobby that can provide all the thrill of the chase in amazing underwater environments. What exactly is Spearfishing? Spearfishing is a little different to regular fishing. In this sport you target specific prey and […]

Official Launch Spring 2014

Red Rum International Logo

Its Finally Here! Internet Launch 2014 Red Rum International products are now being sold via our website online! This marks the start of a new era for the clothing and apparel industry. No one has ever seen anything like Red Rum before. Our unique style and sense of authenticity is unmatched. Our style is highly […]