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Seaside Reading on Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

Sometimes all you need is a good book, a bikini, and a spectacularly secluded beach with gin-clear water, soft sand, and not much else. For those times, Lighthouse Beach at the southernmost tip of Eleuthera in The Bahamas is tough to beat. Wish you were here…?   *Lead photo credit: Flickr user Tommaso Galli. You’re […]

Red Rum & Rockstar Volleyball @ Undertow Beach Bar, St. Pete Beach

Mark your Calendars and count on the weather, because this weekend there will be nothing but Red Rum, sunshine and volleyball on St. Pete Beach! Rockstar Volleyball Promotions will be hosting the Seasonal Volleyball Tournament at Undertow Beach Bar. Florida’s very own Tropical Lifestyle Clothing brand Red Rum International will also be attending providing plenty of awesome products including […]

Pro-kitesurfers on Murrebue beach – Bruno Dubosq and Charlotte Consorti

It has been a privilege to meet Bruno Dubosq and his girlfriend Charlotte Consorti last August. Charlotte is six-times World Champion in kitespeed, basically the fastest girl around with a kite. They arrived to Murrebue, Mozambique, continuing their endless research of new kitesurfing spots around the world. The result is an incredible collection of videos […]