Stone Crabbing Tips from Red Rum International

Stone crabbing is a popular activity in Florida, especially for the Red Rum crew. If you’re interested in trying your hand at stone crabbing in Florida, here are some stone crabbing tips to help you get started. You can also dress for the occasion with our new Crab Hats and Shirts. Know the Regulations: Before […]

The Unmatched Excellence of Red Rum Hats: Why They’re the Best Choice

Red Rum Hats: Why They’re the Best Choice When it comes to headwear that seamlessly blends style, durability, and unparalleled functionality, Red Rum Hats stand in a league of their own. From their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs and their commitment to customer satisfaction, there are several compelling reasons why Red Rum Hats have earned the […]

Summertime Mahi Fishing in Florida

Summertime Mahi Fishing in Florida Mahi fishing in Florida, also known as dolphin fishing or dorado fishing, is a popular activity in the sunshine state. Mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) are vibrant, fast-swimming fish found in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida coast. Here’s an overview of Mahi […]

Red Rum Shirts & Hats NOW Available at Quiet Storm Key West

Quiet Storm key West

Red Rum Shirts & Hats NOW Available at Quiet Storm Key West Red Rum is glad to add another retailer to our team! This brings the total of stores carrying products in Key West up to 4 and a total of 8 in the Florida Keys. Each store carries its unique small section of goods. […]

Red Rum NOW Available at Force E SCUBA

Red Rum shirts and hats will now be available at Force E SCUBA Centers in South Florida. With 4 locations along Florida’s southeast coast, you are never too far from the SCUBA experts. Apparel & Gear Force E SCUBA offers a wide variety or scuba diving, freediving, lobstering and spearfishing gear as well as an […]

King of the Reef Tournament

Up-Coming Tournaments Red Rum hosts Tournaments and Contests to bring together people of the community and raise awareness about various causes! King of the Reef Rod & Spear Tournament Registration Pay for your entry fee below by selecting on the Division you wish to participate in. One Division ONLY per Participant. Sponsors

Where to Buy Red Rum Gear?

Red Rum Clothing | Apparel | Fishing Shirts

With COVID cases decreasing and stores beginning to re-open you may be wondering where you can pick-up some Red Rum apparel for the summer season. The map below illustrates all of our retailers around the state of Florida. Click on a pin on the map to view more details about each retailer. Each retailer carries […]