“A Real Tropical Lifestyle Brand Located in the Actual Tropics”

Red Rum International is an Aquatic Sportswear and Tropical Lifestyle Clothing Brand based in Key West, FL. We specialize in fast-drying and sun protective clothing and are credited as creators of the Original Ruler Sleeve Fishing Shirts, Fishing Hat with Sweatband and Crop Top Rashguards. Our products include Shirts, Hats, Swimwear, Wetsuits, Facewear, Decals, Stickers and more. Time, effort and meaning go into every Red Rum design. Each product is guaranteed to be sustainably sourced, of quality material and is more than promised to be a conversation starter!

“Whether you are an angler, diver, wave rider or just a sun & sea worshiper,

Red Rum International has the clothing to help you live and represent your aquatic and tropical lifestyle”.

– Daniel Del Sol, CEO

We at Red Rum are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, sharing our experiences and spreading positive vibes world-wide. This brand was founded by everyday people just like you. We preach living a pure and progressive, nature-based lifestyle of the likes that is derived from the tropical lifestyles lived by natives in tropical areas everywhere. Therefore, we treat every one of our supporters and those we encounter along our journey as friends and part of our Red Rum family, “Our Ohana”. We make the promise to all of our stakeholders and supporters that we operate as a brand by the people, for the people, providing quality products, at an affordable price, that were ethically and sustainably produced, in which partial proceeds from sales are used for cleaning our oceans, protecting our reefs and helping those in-need who are like-minded. 2% of Total Annual sales is being saved for the creation of a 501 (c) Charitable Organization that provides knowledge and financial assistance for victims of Decompression Injuries sustained while SCUBA Diving, otherwise known as “The Bends”.
The story of Red Rum isn’t as simple as those of some brands. The inspiration was developed over a young man’s lifetime of living the Tropical Lifestyle along FL’s Gulf Coast and traveling through the Caribbean. The concept was then really brought into existence in a college dorm room in Jacksonville, FL back in 2010. With the encouragement of  family, friends, teammates and peers the seeds for something great were sewn at an early age. It was finally in 2013 that Red Rum International was founded by current artist and CEO Daniel ‘Del Sol’ while he was living in Islamorada, FL.
Shortly upon his graduation from college, Daniel moved down to the FL Keys in search of something more… The shiny lights of the football stadiums had faded and he was seeking a new glory. He had always wanted to live in the islands and start his own business in which he could contribute his artistic and entrepreneurial talents. He also noticed the practicality of utilizing athletic style sportswear in the fishing and diving sports. “There were not many companies at the time making performance fishing shirts, dive skins, dive shorts, etc. “, says Daniel Del Sol . “There was also a lack of companies making Florida Style gear, as most of the popular brands were from California”. For a Florida beach kid whom grew up in the hospitality industry and graduated from college with a degree in business, founding a Florida Style, aquatic sportswear and tropical lifestyle clothing brand seemed to be the answer!
After moving to the FL Keys, Daniel began mating on fishing boats, working as a waiter and traveling around South Florida, vending at various events and pitching Red Rum Products to retailers one-by-one. With success at these events and help from a few awesome shop owners willing to carry the products, the brand began to spread throughout the state. It has been a decade since its founding and after many successful events, No’s and Yes’s, ups and downs, Red Rum International has now solidified itself as the most exciting up-and-coming clothing brand from Florida. With much work still ahead and many to thank for its small success, the brand continues to grow with each passing sunset. Please continue to help and support our brand as it will lead to support of causes greater than the brand itself! 2% of Total Annual sales is being saved for the creation of a 501 (c) Charitable Organization that provides knowledge and financial assistance for victims of Decompression Injuries sustained while SCUBA Diving, otherwise known as “The Bends”.
Red Rum Spearfishing Founder

“I was Alway’s Artistic and would draw or graphic design to relax my mind…

It wasn’t until College that my friends complemented my work and encouraged me to start putting my designs on shirts”

Daniel Del “Sol” grew-up in the small town of Indian Rocks Beach, FL where he was an athlete, participating in sports such as martial arts, football, surfing, skimboarding, scuba diving, fishing and spearfishing. Throughout his teens and early twenties, Daniel worked along FL’s Gulf Coast in the hospitality industry as a busser, waiter and pool-side tiki hut attendant. Upon graduation from High school, he earned athletic and academic scholarships to Jacksonville University where he attained a bachelor’s Degree in International Business and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). All his life, Daniel was a traveler of destinations throughout the tropics including Hawaii, The Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys. It was in these places that he derived his artistic inspiration and attained his waterman skills. Daniel has been living in the Florida Keys for the past few years where he operates the Red Rum & Del Mar brands. In October of 2021 Daniel received decompression sickness “the bends” and a resulting decompression injury that left him with severe nerve damage and neuropathy throughout his torso and lower extremities. He still continues to heal and progress more in his recovery. Daniel plans to utilize his efforts with Red Rum to start a foundation for those who are victims of decompression injuries sustained from SCUBA diving incidents.

“The Name! O the name, the name. Where do we start?

REDRUM (/ɹidː.ɹʌm/) Also stylized as REDЯUM, refers to the word murder, spelled backwards.

Red Rum (/red-rvm/) Rum Distilled in Red Wood Barrels, such as oak, that turned the rum a red color during the fermentation process.

Our Definitions

1.) Being a Rum Drinker himself, Daniel Del Sol’s saying of “Kill a lot of fish, drink a lot of Rum” seems to fit his brand just right!

2.) The various traditional meanings and usage in popular songs, such as Beanie Man’s Rum and Red Bull and Barrington Levy’s Murderer helped to inspire the use of this name to describe our Tropical brand!

Jamaican (Island) Definitions

1). The Beverage Red Rum is the party drink of choice for the island youth. One part Rum, 3 parts Red Bull are sure to get you in the mood to dance to di riddim!

2). Rum Distilled in Red Oak Barrels give the Rum a slightly Red Color which birthed the name for this type of “Red Rum”. Brand’s such as Jamaica’s Appleton Estate still carry this type of Rum.

3). The term Redrum is still used as a term for killing or murdering of some one.

4). The term Red Rum is used as a term for describing success of an action (also used in reverse as “murder” or “killed”).

Pirate Definitions

In the hey day of Piracy throughout the Caribbean, the word Red Rum had multiple mainstream connotations.

1). Rum Distilled in Red Oak Barrels gave the Rum a slightly Red Color which birthed the name for this type of “Red Rum”. Rum or grog (watered down rum) were the main source of hydration for the crew of a ship as water would run-out rather more quickly.

2). The term Redrum was also used as a term for killing or murdering of some one. Often used in phrases such as “poor old boy, they served him the Red Rum”.

3). The term Redrum was also used as code word for mutiny because it was either success or death of the mutinous crew for one of the highest of treasons.