2014 South African National Spearfishing Championships Results

2014 National Spearfishing Champ Charlie Myburgh

The last days competition started off with the top 5 places very close together. At the weigh in there were some surprises, and the top guys all seemed to have done well. It was any ones guess what the final placings would be. We all with great anticipation waited throughout the day and then all met together in the evening for  prize giving.  It was a fantastic evening of camaraderie and connecting after three very challenging days of diving. At this the most prestigious and highest level of diving in the country. Lots of stories of the week and then, finally the time arrived to hear what the positions, we all waited with baited breath to hear the outcome. The Gully Jumpers spearfishing club in Port Elizabeth were charged with organizing the event and Richard Leonard co founder of the club had the honour of announcing the positions.

2nd Place Niel Barnard and Richard Leonard
3rd Place Eugene Van Wyngardt

But before we announce the positions we must first send out a huge thank you to our sponsors Rob Allen, Freedivers and Rabitech who all sponsored the event with some great prizes.

South African Spearfishing Nationals 2014 Results:

Team Event Results
1.  KZN A Team
2.  EP A Team
3.  WP A Team

Individuals Results:

1. Charlie Myburgh
2. Neil Niel Barnard
3. Eugene Van Wyngardt
4. Guy Le Meme
5. Heinrigh Eksteen
6. Rowan Carter
7. Angelo Spada
8. Derek Dunning
9. Richard Leonard
10. Graeme Forrer

1st Place Team Event – KZN A Team
A big shot out to the Gully Jumpers for hosting a great Nationals and keeping this blog updated.

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