Vote on the Miss Wakeboarding Contenders!

Here they are! Our final 5 Contenders for the 2015 Miss Wakeboarding title! Now, it’s your turn to help out by voting for the winner. It’s simple, read a little about each Contender, check out their photo galleries at the bottom of the page and vote however you’d like. We know it’s grueling work, but try and keep your wits about you because there’s a lot riding on your choices! Scroll down, and let us know what you think! Special thanks to Supra Boats and Wet Sounds for supporting Miss Wakeboarding!

This is purely a model search based on the submissions we receive, regardless of each model’s wakeboarding ability. The model who is titled Miss Wakeboarding will earn a spot on a​ special issue cover, as well as being a presenter at the Wake Awards coming up in September, where the “Best Women’s Wakeboarder” Award will be given out.


Bianca Schuster Bianca Schuster Bianca Schuster Bianca Schuster Bianca Schuster Bianca Schuster
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